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6 Benefits of Having Dental Implants - What to Know

There are many dental services available in the market today — from oral prophylaxis to a simple tooth extraction down to complex orthodontic procedures.

One common form of dental service is a dental implant. For the uninitiated, a dental implant is an advanced tooth replacement that emulates the entire tooth structure. Typically, a titanium root is inserted into the bone and is used to support a crown, bridge, or denture.

There are a handful of benefits that you can take advantage of from a dental implant. Below are six of these valuable benefits that you should know about:

1.Natural Teeth Appearance

There is a wide variety of dental implants in terms of shapes and sizes. They also come in various forms that can match your existing teeth and fit in the gap perfectly. With a dental implant set in place, it will look natural as if it’s a part of your overall oral structure.


2.Teeth Stability

What’s good about a dental implant is that it fills in the gap for the missing tooth. Because of this, the adjacent teeth won’t have to shift towards the gap, which can actually cause your teeth to become misaligned. With the dental implant in place, it will allow you to chew and bite properly, which effectively improves your oral functionality.


3.Natural Speech Boost

It’s worth knowing that a missing tooth can severely impact your speech. However, most tooth replacement options, such as dentures, aren’t helpful at improving your speech abilities.What’s good about a dental implant is that it functions naturally and won’t impair your ability to communicate easily and naturally.

4.No Teeth Cavities

As mentioned, a missing tooth creates a gap in your oral structure. However, what’s worse than that is how this gap can essentially serve as a hub for oral bacteria when food particles get trapped in it. With the buildup of bacteria, it can lead to plaque buildup, tooth cavity, and decay. In a matter of time, the rest of the teeth will be severely impacted, leading to teeth loss.

Once the dental implant gets fitted into that open gap, it will not allow food particles to get trapped init so that teeth cavities won’t intensify.


5.No Slippage

Keep in mind that other tooth replacements may or may not be as effective as dental implants. Chances are that dentures can shift and slip out when you speak, laugh, or eat in public. What’s good about a dental implant is that it is secured, acting as a natural tooth. That will save you from the embarrassment of slippage, especially in public.


6.Longer Lifespan

Some tooth replacement options may not last for long. For instance, a dental bridge only lasts for about ten years, and dentures may also be subject to wear and tear over time.What’s good about a dental implant is that it can last a lifetime because it is made of titanium that can easily integrate with your jawbone.



Dental implants are widely talked about these days because many individuals are opting for this dental service over other dental works. Not only does a dental implant improve the appearance of your teeth and oral structure in general, but it also avoids all sorts of dental issues and contributes to the overall health of your teeth.


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