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Good Oral Hygiene_ Why It's Important & What to Maintain - What to Know

Maintaining your oral health is just as necessary as keeping your overall health in great condition. Your oral structure is the entry point of nutrients into your body. What you eat and drink goes through your mouth before they reach vital organs in your body. For this reason, it’s vital to have good oral hygiene at all times because any issues with your teeth and gums may lead to severe dental problems, link to some diseases such as heart disease, compromise your confidence, and impact your overall well-being.

That said, we're here to tell you what you need to know about oral hygiene. Keep on reading to know why it’s important and how to maintain good oral health.

The importance of oral hygiene 

Now, if you're wondering why it’s important to have good oral hygiene, keep in mind that the human body is a complex system with various parts. This means that once your oral structure has problems, it can have an impact on other parts of your body as well. Consider the following valuable information on the importance of oral hygiene: 

●     Good overall health: Good oral health translates into good overall health. This is because oral problems, such as a tooth cavity and gum disease, may impair your ability to eat, which then may significantly affect your nourishment and health in general.

●     Disease prevention: Various studies have actually linked oral health problems with diseases. Doctors state that the bacteria in your teeth and gums can travel to your heart, causing heart diseases, clogged arteries, or even stroke.The same is true with periodontitis that can impact premature births and low-birth-weight.

●     Oral functionality: Dental problems can greatly impact your oral functionality. It will be hard for you to eat or to speak properly with missing or misaligned teeth. If you have a severe case of tooth sensitivity, you may find it hard to drink cold or hot beverages as well.

●     Oral aesthetics: Chipped, cracked, or missing teeth can compromise your oral structure. Protruding teeth can affect your facial structure, and misaligned or missing teeth can impair your smile. With proper oral hygiene, you can have a complete set of healthy teeth.

●     Boost in confidence: When you have oral problems, such as damaged teeth, gum diseases, and bad breath, you will easily lose confidence, especially when speaking with people. With proper oral hygiene, you can be confident enough to show your pearly white smile and engage with people.


Keys to good oral hygiene  

Now, maintaining good oral hygiene is actually a straightforward and simple practice. Follow the tips below:

●     Quit smoking if you can.

●     Avoid alcohol consumption.

●     Brush your teeth twice a day.

●     Floss your teeth after every meal.

●     Visit your dentist every six months.

●     Use a proper toothbrush and the right toothpaste.

●     Have a proper diet, and be wary of what you eat and drink.



At this point, you know the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene at all times. Doing so will not only improve the aesthetics of your oral structure and give you a boost in confidence, but it will also improve your oral functionality and enhance your overall health.

If you notice some dental issues or haven’t had your dental cleaning for the last six months, schedule for a visit to the dentist soon! If you are looking to schedule an appointment, visit our affordable dentistry in New Jersey, and we’ll be happy to serve you!