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High Quality Orthodontic Care

Orthodontist care Clifton, NJ

Wondering where to get the best orthodontic services in Clifton, NJ? Your friendly, local orthodontists care at Clifton advanced dentistry have made this one of their key areas of expertise for many years. We deliver a modern painless path to a beautiful smile.

High-Quality Orthodontic Care

Only the highest standard of orthodontic care is provided for you and your family when you choose Clifton advanced dentistry. With painless treatment as our aim and being a leading expert in orthodontic care in Clifton NJ, we have taken a special interest in the placement of Invisalign removable teeth aligners. The Invisalign brand stands on the cutting-edge technology in clear aligners offering more than just clear braces.

Invisalign was originally designed for less serious, minor orthodontic issues. Since then both the design and technique have been heightened and streamlined into a product that can currently resolve any orthodontic problem that does not necessitate surgery.

Invisalign has long made the study of unobtrusive aligners their special field of interest and expertise. When you choose to have Invisalign fitted, they will blend seamlessly into your daily activities without interfering with them while remaining discreet.

Orthodontics for Children and Adults

The Clifton advanced Dentistry of NJ orthodontic office gives both children and adults the warm welcome and professional care they need from a dentist. Explanations about the procedure are given before commencement, so there is never a moment of uncertainty about treatment plans. This is especially important when treating children. Both you as a parent and your junior patient will know what the placement of Invisalign entails before we ever get started.

Types of Orthodontics

The standard method of orthodontic assessment before the placement of metal braces includes x-raying the jaws and teeth, making a plaster model, and taking photographs. When you choose Invisalign, your orthodontist uses advanced 3D computer-imaging to plot and customize your aligners without all that fuss.

What this technology does is predict the final desired position of your teeth from using the information it reads from current data. It is then possible to craft clear aligners for your teeth that are customized to deliver an optimal final teeth position.

Invisalign aligners are capable of being worn without interfering with your daily routines. It is possible to remove them when you need to eat or brush your teeth. When they are placed in your mouth, they are actively assisting your teeth to straighten. Other orthodontic issues you may have will also resolve.

This method has proven so popular that clear braces have overtaken metal braces as the orthodontic choice for both children and adults. While your teeth and jaw are being re-positioned, clear braces make the transition more discreet and less noticeable. When your orthodontist places Invisalign in your mouth, the clear trays of thermoplastic material are virtually invisible.

Beautiful Smiles

At Clifton Advanced Dentistry we believe in beautiful smiles. When you choose our orthodontic services, we will always provide the highest standard of care and expertise. The patient, the treatment, and the end result are our priority.