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Keep Bad Breath at Bay with These 5 Easy Tips for a Fresher Smile

Because we interact with other people on a daily basis, we should always be aware of proper etiquette and social norms. Things like visible tooth particles and halitosis or bad breath are unattractive and do not gain any social points. 

It gives the impression that we do not take care of ourselves, which has implications about how we might treat others. Bad breath also affects our intimate relationships and can deter people from wanting to get to know you. However, halitosis does not have to be permanent. Keep reading for a few tips on how to keep your breath fresh all day.

Stay hydrated--drink water

Dehydration causes your throat to dry up, which results in decreased saliva production. Less saliva means it is easier for bacteria to multiply in your mouth, which leads to bad breath. Not drinking water also means you don’t get to wash away food particles that can be caught between your teeth.

Try to get gulps of water throughout your work or study day. The FDA recommended amount for adults is eight glasses. Note that this means eight glasses of H2O, not juice, tea, or coffee. Only pure water can provide the rehydration that your mouth needs, as these other substances have their own dehydrating properties.

Brush your teeth regularly

If you have good oral hygiene, you prevent the buildup of food particles in your mouth. If left unchecked, this can cause a tartar and plaque buildup. Not only will you get halitosis, but you will also need to deal with cavities and possible infections.

Strive to brush after every big meal, or three times a day. Effective brushing and flossing reduce the likelihood of cavities and bad breath. Remember to include your tongue and the inner walls of your mouth when you brush, because these are also places where bacteria grow.

Cut back on spicy and acidic food

Spicy and acidic food leave a filmy, oil-based compound on your mouth’s inner surfaces. This means that with every exhale, you release the fumes of these compounds, letting everyone nearby smell what you have consumed. 

The smell of food like garlic also stays in the mouth for a while. You would notice that long after you have brushed, you still have that garlic aftertaste. This is the compound allyl methyl sulfide, which is responsible for garlic’s pungent aroma. Reduce the effects of these compounds by cutting back on them and brushing and flossing after eating.

Stay away from nicotine and alcohol

Nicotine and alcohol are two more dehydrators, which means consuming these will keep your mouth a fertile ground for bacteria. The inherent smell of cigarettes and alcohol is also unpleasant and has the potential to turn rank in the mouth when unwashed.

When you quit smoking and drinking, you cure your body of other ailments beyond halitosis. Talk to a dentist to inquire about ways they know how to quit these addictive substances. They might be able to refer you to other health care professionals who are equipped in helping you curb your appetite for these.

Refrain from having too many sweets

Desserts with syrups and caramels settle into the biting surfaces of your teeth. They contribute to the growth of bacteria, which leads to halitosis. Even when you brush your teeth regularly, because these are incredibly sticky substances, you might miss a patch or two that can cause cavities.

Cutting back on sweets will also help you reduce your sugar intake. If you must have dessert, opt for ones that don’t have so much syrup. You can also prevent the buildup of tartar by adding a flossing routine after brushing your teeth.


Bad breath makes people socially awkward, but it is an entirely preventable situation. Following good oral hygiene and refraining from certain food and substances can keep your breath smelling fresh for longer during the day. Aside from these, you can consult with a local dentist who can give you good medical advice on your condition.

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