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Get Wise About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your mouth changes as you start to age. One of the most important events, and potentially one of the most painful, is when your wisdom teeth erupt. Want to know more about the causes and treatments? Read on for more information.

History & Theories About Wisdom Teeth

When you first start to experience wisdom tooth pain, it is hard to credit Mother Nature with great design. However, it turns out Mother Nature was a lot smarter in this than we give her credit for. Before we say why, imagine a life where you have no molars in your mouth.

Without our back teeth, called molars, you wouldn’t be able to chew your food at all. Our ancestors would have eaten much coarser food than we do. They did more chewing and consequently experienced more wear on their teeth, not to mention the fact they didn't have toothbrushes or toothpaste!

It is theorized that by the age our wisdom teeth grow in, ancient man would have needed a new set of molars to replace the worn or missing teeth.

Why We Remove Wisdom Teeth

If we were designed to have these extra molars, is wisdom tooth extraction a good idea? Technically speaking, it is not essential to have these teeth removed unless they are causing problems.

Most people's mouths are not big enough to fit another set of molars, and wisdom teeth often grow underneath and into your existing teeth, causing them to impact. An impacted wisdom tooth can be highly problematic. It can cause pain, pressure on the other teeth and crowding of the mouth. The position of the tooth is extremely important. Can you get between this tooth and the ones next to it to clean properly?

In many cases, a gap can be created. This can be hard to access to clean and ideal for trapping food. The resultant infections and pain could be very uncomfortable.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Most dental professionals advise having a wisdom teeth removal done when the teeth erupt, or if they are causing problems. Removal can be considered worthwhile preventative maintenance. If the removal is going ahead, it should be done as soon as possible.

The younger the patient is at the time, the easier recovery will be and the lower the risks associated with the operation.

Same Day Wisdom Tooth Removal Clifton. NJ

At Clifton Advanced Dentistry, we have a team of dentists and surgeons that can diagnose and treat your wisdom teeth on the same day. It is surgery, but minor surgery. It doesn’t require an overnight stay or significant preparation. We use laughing gas and other anesthesia to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, removing teeth and sending you home on the same day. Our expert team will give you a post-treatment plan, following up to ensure you heal with ease.