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Ways to Care for Your Dentures After a Repair - What to Know

Caring for your dentures is important after repairs to maintain good condition and limit the frequency of dentist visits.There are many ways to care for your dentures at home that you should start implementing into your daily routine.

There are instances when a dentures repair is necessary, but by doing the following, you’re able to lessen the likeliness of your dentures being damaged, saving you not only money but time.

Practice good oral hygiene

With or without dentures, practicing good oral hygiene is essential to maintaining overall oral health. Brushing and using mouthwash alone isn’t enough to care for dentures, despite the fact that they’re unnatural teeth. Cleaning the gums, cheeks, and tongue using an antibacterial mouthwash is imperative to keep your oral health in top condition.

Keep your dentures clean

It’s also important to keep your dentures clean and in great shape. To clean your dentures properly, use hand soap or a dishwashing liquid as opposed to toothpaste since it is abrasive and possibly damage your dentures. Store them in room temperature water when not in use. It will keep them moist and, in turn, prevent dirt from sticking onto them.

Rinse them often

Rinsing your dentures every time you remove them will reduce the risk of oral infection and complications in the gums. That is because the bacteria and food particles that typically get attached to the dentures are being washed away. It’s also best to use a denture-soaking solution during the night, which requires thorough rinsing before placing them back in the mouth. It will rinse off the chemicals that may lead to worse health symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

Visit the dentist regularly

By visiting your dentist on schedule, your oral health is monitored, helping you care for your dentures and keep your oral health in top condition. Dental checkups are vital to making sure that everything is in check, and you won’t be developing further complications that might’ve otherwise. By doing so, you’re also lowering the risks of severe conditions like oral cancer or determine early signs of it.  

Your dentist will also examine your dentures and suggest denture repairs when needed, keeping you in track in terms of your oral health care. Dentists will also guide you more, specifically in caring for your dentures long term.

Talk to your dentist about any concerns

Your dentist is your number one go-to when you have problems and concerns about your dentures. Maintain a good relationship with your dentist, and feel free to ask them any questions that are bothering you. You don’t have to feel reluctant. It’s what they do. Always consult with your dentist since they’ll know the solutions to your queries right away.


Even though dentures aren’t natural teeth, it’s still important to know how to care for them since they still go inside the mouth, and they contribute to your overall oral care. Caring for your dentures require more than the basic brushing and mouthwash to prevent any complications. When any problems arise, always consult your dentist.

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