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Dental  Emergency

a patient in dental pain

Emergency Dentist in Clifton NJ

Dentists normally work by appointment. And these appointments can be months to come. But life is not all smooth and planned. Sometimes dental emergencies can arise, whether due to neglect, poor planning, or accident. It is for such situations that some dentists offer emergency dental services. Emergency dentists are those dentists who are available to respond quickly to your call. Emergency treatment may occasionally be provided as you walk in. More often, the same day or the next day.

What Services will an emergency dentist in Clifton NJ provide?

     An emergency dentist will treat or provide immediate relief in the following dental emergencies.

  • Toothache Relief – Toothache is probably the most common dental emergency. But if it becomes unbearable, it is almost surely a pointer to a more serious underlying cause which must be attended.

  •  Swollen or Painful Jaw Treatment –An inflammation inside the jaw joints can lead to swelling, pain, and difficulty in mouth opening. This situation can also arise as a result of trauma or infection.

  • Dislodged Filling – A dislodged or lost filling can become quite painful and may demand emergency treatment.

  • Damaged or Dislodged Crown – A damaged crown can become a haven for harmful bacteria that can cause pain or even tooth or gum damage. This may not need immediate repair, but an early appointment must be obtained. Similarly, a dislodged crown must be re-inserted immediately to avoid secondary teeth cavities and sensitivity.

  • Management of Broken/Cracked Teeth – In case a tooth gets broken or chipped due to any reason, gets loose, or knocked off in an accident, the immediate reaction may mean the difference between a saved and a lost tooth.

  • Stuck Bones/ seeds – While eating a bone splinter or a small seed may get stuck between the teeth, in a cavity, or a loose filling. This must be removed immediately. Else, they can lead to serious conditions in addition pain and swollen gums.

Interim Emergency Actions

     Sometimes, suitable immediate action by yourself can mean preventing tooth loss or undue pain. Here is some advice on various dental emergencies. Follow this while you try to reach the dentist for his or her advice or treatment.

  • A toothache. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Use floss to remove any lodged food which might be causing the pain. You can also take a pain-killer.

  • Chipped or broken teeth.

1. Collect, rinse, and save broken pieces.

2. Rinse mouth with warm water.

3. In case of bleeding, press gauze against the area for a few minutes till the bleeding stops. Apply a cold compress (outside) to mitigate swelling pain.

  • Knocked-out tooth.

  1. Hold the tooth by the crown (avoid touching the root)

  2. Rinse clean with milk if the tooth is dirty.

  3. Do not scrub or remove any attached tissue on the root of the tooth.

  4. Try to put the tooth gently back in place.

  5. If not, keep the tooth in a milk, water with a pinch of salt, or a product like Save-a-Tooth. There is a high chance of recovery if placed back within the hour.

  • Objects Trapped Between Teeth. Gently try to remove with a floss. Never poke with pins or sharp objects.

  • Lost filling. Push a piece of sugar-free or an over the counter dental cement gum in the cavity.

  • Lost crown. In case of pain, apply a little clove oil. Try to push the crown in place. If it is possible to apply an over the counter dental cement, toothpaste, or denture adhesive to the inner surface of the crown before pushing the crown back on. DO NOT use superglue.

  • Broken braces and wires. If a broken end of a wire is injuring your cheek, tongue, or gum, try to push the wire into a more comfortable position using the eraser end of a pencil. If not possible cover the sharp end some orthodontic wax, gauze, or cotton.

  • Loose brackets and bands. Try to reattach loose using orthodontic wax. Else, place wax over the braces for a cushioning effect. If a band is loose, save it till meeting the dentist.

  • Abscess- To ease pain rinse your mouth with warm saline water.

  • Soft-tissue injuries- To control the bleeding:

  1. Rinse mouth with saline water.

  2. Apply mild pressure to the spot with moistened of gauze or a tea bag and hold it for a few minutes.

  3. Apply and hold a cold compress outside the mouth or cheek.

  4. If the bleeding doesn't stop, continue to apply pressure on the bleeding site with the gauze until you get professional treatment.

Dental emergencies can arise anywhere, and at any time. In case you or anyone around you is having a dental emergency, call us to make an appointment with yours trusted dentist in Clifton NJ. Remember that dental injuries should never be taken lightly, and must be treated immediately by a qualified dentist.

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