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Dental Implants / Implant Dentistry in Clifton NJ 07011

Dental implants in Clifton NJ

Dental Implants in Clifton NJ

What is a dental implant?

       A dental implant is a small cylinder made of titanium, compatible with the human body, and when it's done the right way, it can mimic a natural tooth and no one can notice that the person has an implant in their mouth.

      Most dentist tend to say; all dental implants are made of titanium so it does not matter which brand you use. So, the question is, are all implants made the same? Do you care what implant is going to be placed in your mouth? You rely on us, we work with the highest quality dental implants in the world. The Straumann Implant Company is one of the top implant manufacturer known for their superior quality in every aspect (design, durability, quality control, and so forth). We didn’t choose just an implant, we will not compromise our quality, why should you?

      Dental implants are by far the best option when replacing a missing tooth for the following reasons:

     * It will support the bone around them just like a natural tooth.

     * You will not need teeth reduction as compared to dental bridges.

       If you are missing teeth and that makes you self-conscious, talk to your dentist and see if dental implants are for you. Dental implants are considered the standard of care when it comes to replacing missing teeth. They are an excellent choice to restore your smile, especially when you do not want to wear removable dentures.

Things to know about dental implants:

  • Dental implants are made of a high grade titanium, a material that integrates with the bone making it is compatible with the human body.

  •   It usually takes only one visit to place an implant! Note: an immediate implant is when the tooth is being extracted for the reasons needed and an implant is placed at the same visit. 

  • The crown is the tooth portion and the implant replace the root of the tooth.

  • Does it hurt to have an implant done? No, but after the implant is placed, for the first few days you can expect minor inflammation and some discomfort. Your doctor will advise you on what to do on the following days.

How much does an implant cost?

Even though every patient is different, at Clifton Advanced Dentistry, we make dental implants affordable. Call us for a free consultation with your trusted dentist in Clifton NJ.

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